Common Consumptions

Common Reasons for Taking the Course

Nobody seems to have a similar interest in the space industry – but most everyone agrees with me that this course will help them become better software developers.

Media Outlets

Spotify is a music-streaming platform, and I use it more than Pandora or SoundCloud because it gives me more control over my playlists. Some other Spotify users include Aaron Blasband, Cassie Bub, Joseph Haney, Lauren Kleckner, Bishop Lopez, Hunter Lukken, Eileen Madrigal, Nathan Manickavasagam, Renee McCoy, Drew Mills, Isaac Oviedo, Jonathon Phelan, Ryan Pigeon, Joshua Rao, Joey Sapp, Taylor Stephenson, Josef Sutorus, Julie ThompsonChristopher Tsao, and Uyen Vo.

I enjoy using Pinterest as a way to keep track of recipes and design ideas. Classmates Julie Thompson and Eileen Madrigal also use it.

I use Reddit for entertainment, and I also use it to research computer parts. Other Reddit users include Jason Zuang, Spencer Harder, Simon Sy, Joshua Rao, Kyle Koiner, Aaron Blasband, Nathan Barker, Ryan Pigeon, J.A. Phelan, Jacqueline Gonzalez, Nathan Manickavasagam, Josef Sutorus, Renee McCoy, and Neal Patel.

When I’m not doing homework, I’m watching Netflix. Classmates who said they watch Netflix include Isaac Oviedo, Nicholas Tillerson, Jason Shurb, Joshua Rao, Juan Hector, Ryan Pigeon, My Pham, Cassie Bub, Jacqueline Gonzalez, Spencer Harder, and Kyle Koiner.

LinkedIn, the social media platform for professional business. Other people who use LinkedIn include Isaac Oviedo, Neal Patel, Christopher Wilcoxen, and Josef Sutorus.

Several people share a common interest in using Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat as their primary Social Media platform. Most people use Gmail versus other email services.

Special Interests

Julie Thompson also listens to Linkin Park and watches Grey’s Anatomy.

Caleb Edens also watches House of Cards and listens to Green Day. He also listens to the Beatles, along with Taylor Stephenson.

Aaron Brasband, Neal Patel, Taylor Stephenson, and Nathan Barker also watch Friends.

Neal Patel also watches New Girl, and he also listens to Halsey, The Neighbourhood, and All Time Low.

Joshua Rao also watches Parks and Recreation.

Jose Andrade and Grant Hruzek also watch Breaking Bad.

Aaron Brasband, Juan Hector, and Saipravallika Nettyam also watch Stranger Things.

Joey Sapp also listens to Weezer.