Whole30: Day 30!

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happyI finished it. Thirty days of eating real foods, which is challenging enough without the semester from hell – which is also finished today.

Ate some chicken stir-fried ramen noodles for dinner and some cookies as a “Whole30 and finals are over” celebration. I feel terrible and it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as I expected. One of those blended vegetable smoothies would be nice right now.

I have a fear of morphing into that one health freak friend whose solution to everything is to eat a vegetable. I promise I’m a fun person… I think.

The anticipation of being able to eat waffles, tacos, chicken nuggets, Starbucks drinks, or chocolate again has been building for the past week, but today, the urge mostly dissipated. Going back to old habits of snacking on waffles straight out of the freezer (even if they are gluten-free) is less tempting because I associate it with stomachaches and general ickiness. Eating eggs and sausage for breakfast and trying to get vegetables into my diet is a habit now, and it feels awesome. I’ve been making this effort to tell my brain that it’s important to care about what fuel goes into my body, consistently sending a mental message throughout the day that my health is just as important as academics or work that has historically taken precedence over everything.

I will enjoy the fact that I can eat out with people now. There are limited healthy options in my college town and it was a huge pain in the neck with Whole30.

The results from this program haven’t been as much about the foods I’ve been eating, since I stuck to a Paleo-inspired diet in the first place, but the real victory after this is learning how to cook for myself and focusing on the importance of getting the right nutrients – a healthy balance of vegetables, protein and good fats. The cooking-for-myself part was a huge challenge since I don’t usually put in much effort when it’s just me.

As far as detailed physical feedback, I lost about 5 pounds since Day 1, which is something. My stomach thinned out a lot and now all of my pants are too big, so now I gotta buy new pants. I have felt much more energized, and the redness and rashes that sometimes show on my skin have cleared up a bit. My face also doesn’t look as tired and puffy, in my opinion. It’s hard to tell all the differences in the photos.

The hair was not affected by Whole30 – it just looked terrible on Day 1.

Befores and Afters:



Face Comparision, Day 1 vs. Day 30
Front Comparision, Day 1 vs. Day 30
Side Comparison, Day 1 vs. Day 30

On a different topic besides Whole30, since I guess it is a common problem, it gets frustrating that weight loss is glacially slow for me. Weight’s just a number anyway – I don’t think I look especially overweight (although if you do, kindly keep it to yourself :)). My BMI number is still over 30, which is classified as obese. I feel it’s important to mention it since we get so obsessed with numbers and correlate them with health. I look and feel healthy with the habits that I continue to build on this lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Weight loss will be included as a side effect of that, but it’s not the main focus anymore, and it’s literally a huge weight off my shoulders.

Also, there’s not much of a reason for why I share all this stuff on the internet. It’s an extreme method of preventing the internalization of these thoughts and never talking to anybody in real life. Yay introversion.

I guess that’s everything. Starting back at NASA in three weeks. Now I have to find another project until then.

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