Whole30: Day 26

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Still struggling with school, and the end in sight means soon being able to eat waffles again. But from the awareness of spotting the sugar and additives that are added to EVERYTHING when reading ingredients, it’s eye-opening to know how much those additives are snuck into our diets every day that could be causing intolerances disguised as headaches and fatigue, even from so-called natural foods at the grocery store. I could eat like this long-term if it wasn’t such a challenge when eating out or socializing, which is nearly impossible. But when I have the chance to cook at home, I would love to continue this type of diet whenever possible.

Even though I’m stressed and I still get anxiety, I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in the “type” of tired that I feel. When I’m tired, it’s obviously from sleep deprivation, and there’s no achy, headachey feeling associated with it. Even my knees don’t hurt so much from ascending stairs.

Additionally, I haven’t gotten sick or felt seasonal allergies at all. Around Day 4 or 5 I felt extremely sick with allergies for about 24 hours, maybe from withdrawal. But since then, my allergies are completely gone, which is unusual for this time of year.

Day 26 Meals:

  1. Egg scramble leftovers from yesterday.day26_2.jpg
  2. Think I had an EPIC bar and a LarabarĀ for dinner.

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