Whole30: Day 20

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ONLY TEN DAYS TO GO! The food routine is getting a bit boring. Would be nice to have the option to take advantage of free food on campus, so I’m looking forward to that. My friend and I improvised and made some compliant Mexican food.

Here’s a random picture taken today just ’cause I like it. day20_2

Day 20 Meals:

  1. Ate a couple of hard-boiled eggs for breakfast.
  2. Went downtown to study and got a Greek salad with no feta cheese (which defeats the purpose of calling it a Greek salad, but whatever).day20.jpg
  3. Had my Whole30 friend come over and she found a recipe for Spanish cauliflower rice, and I had some chicken fajitas, so we made Mexican food for dinner and then jammed to some EDM. She doesn’t understand the purpose of the lemons. Aesthetics, obviously.

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