Whole30: Day 19

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My mealage (Is that a word? Should be a word.) was lacking today. Ate practically nothing but deli meat for lunch.

Day 19 Meals:

  1. Had the last of my leftover homemade hash for breakfast. Included sausage, peppers, onions and sweet potato. Probably won’t make again ’cause it was disappointing.
  2. Ate a bunch of turkey pastrami and one of those coconut wraps dipped in mayonnaise. Not together – separately. Not one of my finest meals.
  3. Ate the last of my shrimp and tomatoes and some of the Brussel┬ásprouts and bacon from yesterday. There’s no greater feeling than knowing you have leftovers and don’t have to cook. I still have Zoe’s Kitchen leftovers for tomorrow!day19

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