Whole30: Day 18

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Honestly this Whole30 thing is getting pretty easy, besides the cooking schedule. Losing track of the days. Already planning a party to celebrate the end of the program (since my friend is also doing it) and the end of finals. Just 12 more days.

Also had my last night class of the semester. No more terrible spread-out schedule. Woo!

Day 18 Meals:

  1. Think I grabbed an RxBar for breakfast.
  2. Made Brussel sprouts and bacon with plenty of leftovers. Ate with leftover shrimp and tomatoes for lunch.day18day18_3
  3. Had the Flamingo smoothie from the Juice Joint. Think it had strawberries, banana, coconut, and vanilla. Tasted sweeter than the green crap juiceĀ I usually get.day18_4
  4. Ate dinner at Zoe’s Kitchen (again) and got salmon kabobs with vegetables and fruit. Forgot to take a picture ’cause I got distracted by this cute Corps guy (Let’s see who’s actually reading this).

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Day 19 ->


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