Whole30: Day 17

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Had a busy eventful day but luckily I had leftovers. Also tried out Zoe’s Kitchen for Whole30 options. Seems to be a good choice!

Day 17 Meals:

  1. Stayed over with my friend and she made an omelet with asparagus and approved bacon for breakfast. Having supportive friends is the best. 🙂
  2. Had an Herbivore juice from the Northgate Juice Joint, the best place in College Station. Featuring my photobombing friend.juicyjuice.jpg
  3. Had leftover steak and potatoes from the day before for lunch. Ignore the fidget spinner.20180425_1316381-e1524768027625.jpg
  4. Zoe’s Kitchen for dinner! I actually ate enough food today for once. Had chicken kabobs with veggies and fruit – couldn’t finish it all.20180425_174839

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