Whole30: Day 15

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Halfway finished! Physically feeling awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing the¬†difference once Day 30 comes around.

Eating this way hasn’t been a huge challenge. The big challenges have been remembering to cook and bring food with me to campus, as well as the social aspect. Everything people seem to do for fun involves food, and it’s nearly impossible to stay compliant when eating out. The only reason why I wouldn’t continue doing this long-term would be for social events.

Day 15 Meals:

  1. Had some leftover breakfast hash for breakfast. Coffee with Nutpods.
  2. Made a couple of wraps around 3pm for lunch. Used (all compliant) coconut wraps, turkey salami, mayonnaise, avocado, and spinach. They were good! Opinions are mixed on whether the coconut wraps are compliant with Whole30 since they’re a recreation of a baked good. They’re made with compliant ingredients, and as stressed out as I am with school, I’m doing pretty good. I’ll take it.
  3. Ate some nuts and an orange as an afternoon snack and didn’t exactly eat dinner. Also been drinking this Kombucha.day15snack.jpg

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