Whole30: Day 14

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Almost halfway there. Finally went grocery shopping today. Have absolutely no cravings, and most of the time I forget to eat, so I end up getting tired. Physically feeling great except for the general school anxiety.

Slept about 13 hours last night ’cause I was exhausted yesterday. Not sure if that has to do with Whole30 or because I’m me.

Today’s groceries totaled about $160. Should last at least a week.


Day 14 Meals:

  1. Scrambled eggs with Pace salsa for “breakfast” around noon. Coffee w/Nutpods.day14breakfast.jpg
  2. Had an RxBar for an afternoon snack.
  3. Had leftover shrimp and tomatoes and cooked some fresh broccoli in a tablespoon of ghee.20180422_214034.jpg

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