Whole30: Day 9

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Schoolwork builds as the end of the semester approaches, and the meal prep continues. Currently too lazy to cook and have a fridge full of ingredients, and no food to eat besides snacks. Getting more tempting to give up on this insane Whole30 thing and do it some other time – which wouldn’t happen. Glad I post on this blog, otherwise it’d be hard to stay motivated.

Either way, noticing a difference in my ability to focus and not forget things as usual. Could be a coincidence. Also feeling really good and energized altogether.

Day 9 Meals:

  1. Actually put some effort into breakfast this time. Had an omelette made in coconut oil with spinach. Coffee with Nutpods.20180417_091222.jpg
  2. Made shrimp and tomatoes with broccoli for lunch. Was actually super easy.20180417_14022520180417_14274020180417_145212
  3. Found a health food store and bought $20 worth of compliant snacks. Technically with Whole30 you’re supposed to try and eat 3 meals a day without snacking, but I have a college schedule. Crossing my fingers that the papaya in the trail mix isn’t sweetened. It doesn’t say so, so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt.20180417_205950.jpg
  4. My friend’s also doing Whole30 so I stole some of her gumbo for dinner.gumbo-e1524033628789.jpg

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