Whole30: Day 5

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Managed to eat a balanced breakfast with protein, veggies and fat. Ran almost 4 miles in the morning after eating breakfast rather than at 11pm as usual, and it felt awesome.

Day 5 Meals:

  1. Two hard-boiled eggs, a small handful of carrots, and a small handful of walnuts. Coffee with Nutpods.
  2. Ate at Sbisa again. Had a spinach salad with olives, carrots, cauliflower, and sunflower seeds with vinegar and oil. Also scored okra and tomatoes and an apple. Still no hard-boiled egg and didn’t have a protein source, since there’s butter or potential non-compliant additives added to EVERYTHING. They could contain wheat, sugar, corn, or dairy, in particular, so have to be careful with spices and dressings. day5lunchday5okra
  3. Coconut crusted chicken with zucchini noodles and homemade ranch and pesto.


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