Whole30: Day 3

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Ate on campus for the first time and was able to find a salad option at the on-campus dining hall. Would be perfect if they had hard-boiled eggs this time. But they didn’t. I’m not salty about it.

Also tried Whole30’s recommended pre- and post- workout snack suggestions. I need to do some more shopping for on-the-go sources of protein.

Day 3 Meals:

  1. Two hard-boiled eggs with a few tomatoes. Need to improve my protein/fat/veggie balance with breakfast meals. I keep sleeping in and not cooking breakfast meals.
  2. Spinach salad from salad bar at Sbisa Dining Hall at Texas A&M. Couldn’t find a Whole30-compliant protein source.day3
  3. Afternoon snack: a spoonful of almond butter and the orange I stole from Sbisa.
  4. Leftover coconut crusted chicken with zucchini pesto with homemade ranch and basil walnut pesto.day3dinner-e1523509422169.jpg
  5. Pre-workout snack: Handful of walnuts and half an egg I tried to microwave. Tried to maintain a protein/fat balance.
  6. Post-workout snack: A banana. Would be better to find some protein or a carb-dense vegetable such as yams rather than fruit.


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